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We cater for all types of functions, ranging from a small gathering of friends,  special occasions, birthdays or corporate meetings; St Giles is the perfect location to host your event. We also provide a mobile catering and delivery service including beverage packages, mobile keg systems and food packages to satisfy all your needs. Let St Giles become a regular in your home


St Giles BBQ Packs

Using only the freshest Australian produce available on the market, we can cater to your precise needs: anything from a simple  meat platter of the best selected meats or fresh seafood for a small group to a deluxe banquet spread for celebrating a unique milestone!

All BBQ packs come with salads, breads and sauces

Per person /minimum 4 people

Meats - $45pp


Grass-fed steak range, scotch, porterhouse, fillet

Gourmet sausages

Beer brined chicken

St Giles burgers

ST Giles meat Pack

Seafood - $45pp


Queensland leader prawns

Snapper fillets, lemon, herbs, chilli

Moreton bay bugs

Port Phillip Calamari, lemon, oregano

St Giles Salumi & Cheese Platters

Using only the freshest Australian produce available on the market, we have hand selected the perfect platter for any event!

Per platter (approx. 20 guests)

All platter come with breads and selected condiments including pickles, olives and dips

Cheese Platter - $130


Delice Cremiers Cow, France

Buffalo Mozzarella Buffalo, Australia

Nottinghamshire Stilton Cow, England

Quickes English Cloth Bound Cheddar 18 month Cow, England

A.O.P 1655 Gruyere Cow, Switzerland

Meat Platter - $130


San Daniele Prosciutto 20 month, Italy

Quattro Nduja Traditional (Spreadable), Australia

Quattro Stelle Tartufo, Australia

Borgo Pure Pork Sopressa Mild, Australia

La Hoguera Duroc Serrano 18 month leg, Spain

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